5 Different Types of Wrenches and Their Uses

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Yes, a wrench is a basic tool, but it’s available in various types to cater to the requirements of various projects. A wrench fastens or loosens items like nuts and bolts, applying torque to turn objects. While this hand tool offers a grip for turning, it’s important to have the right type of wrench because not all fasteners are the same.

Let’s look at 5 different types of these high-quality hand tools along with their uses.

1. Combination wrench

It’s probably the most common type of wrench (and probably the most useful). It has an open end on one side and a box end on the other. The box end fits both square and hex nuts and is typically used to loosen a hard nut.

Since the open end can be replaced and removed easily at the end of every turn arc, it’s used for removing and fastening nuts quickly.

2. Open-end wrench

It’s a fixed-size tool that has a U-shaped opening on either one or both of its ends. If there are two open ends, these wrenches have two different sizes. With a set, matching the bolt or nut with the tool becomes simple. All you need to do is place it over the fastener and pull. Because an open-end wrench can get to hard-to-reach spots, it’s a decent choice for an all-purpose set.

professional hand and power toolsOften, you’ll see these in sets. However, even if it’s not included, you won’t have any problems finding a specific size. They’re suitable and affordable for the majority of jobs. Get yourself a set of larger and smaller wrenches on hand, they’ll be very helpful.

3. Crowfoot wrench

This is a crescent wrench without a handle. It attaches to a ratchet handle, allowing it to function in tight spaces. It’s best used to get to difficult-to-reach bolts.

4. Adjustable wrench

It’s also referred to as the crescent wrench and is quite popular. The wrench is designed in a way that one end serves as the handle while the other end is open. There’s a screw with a free end that looks spiral and is integrated to open/close the crescent when turned in any direction.

Because it’s quite thick, it requires plenty of space to operate. The best thing about this wrench is, it can be used in many situations where other wrenches are required, like the combination wrench and open-ended wrench. It’s very useful for jobs like a leaky faucet or loose plumbing.

5. Socket wrench

This wrench has a hollow cylinder (socket) attached to the handle’s end, which is fitted over nuts and bolts for loosening and tightening purposes. Sockets can be detached, allowing the wrench to be used for objects of different sizes. These wrenches are efficient, speedy, and can be used in a variety of angles.

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