5 Essential Power and Hand Tools to Have in Your Home

Professional hand tools hanging on the wall

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Be it a leaky faucet or a crooked cabinet, professional hand and power tools help fix common household problems quickly and effectively. But what should homeowners prioritize buying when they go to a professional tool store?

Read on to find out about the five essential power and hand tools you must have in your professional home toolkit!

#1 Cordless Drill

Hands down, the most significant power tool that comes in handy for almost all professional mechanics and homeowners is a cordless drill!

Unlike traditional drills, cordless drills operate on batteries and are considered a more durable investment. They perform all boring holes and drilling activities efficiently. From installing shelves to hanging gates to building decks, a cordless drill is the first must-have power tool if you have none at the moment.

#2 Hammer

Another hand tool essential for everyday home tasks is a hammer. A hammer performs two primary functions — it pounds and extracts nails from different surfaces.

Experts recommend buying a medium-weight hammer with a rip claw that will perform almost all light operations like fitting nails to hang a picture or repairing a furniture piece. You can also use it for demolition, but you’ll require a mallet hammer for that.

For greater durability, choose hammers with a metallic or fiberglass handle instead of wooden ones.

Professional hand tools on the table

#3 Screw Driver

For quick fixes and removal of screws, a screwdriver is the best hand tool. While several screwdrivers are available in the market, you can choose a cross-slot screwdriver (Phillips head screwdriver) or a slotted screwdriver (flat head screwdriver). They’re useful for almost all common home repair problems.

If you’re a professional technician, consider buying a kit that offers multiple heads for different sizes and types of screws.

#4 Wrenches

For tightening or loosening nuts and bolts in plumbing lines, furniture, or electrical equipment, wrenches are the best bet! Out of multiple wrench types available in the market, you must have an Allen wrench and a crescent wrench.

#5 Sander

Sanding is quite a challenging job if you’re performing it manually. The good news is that you can perform this task quickly and efficiently with a hand sander!

A hand sander with a professional palm grip allows you to prepare the surface for paint, polish, or varnish easily.

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