5 Must-Have Auto Mechanic Tools to Have in Your Garage

Auto mechanic tools can simplify car repair projects

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We’ve rounded up some of the most convenient and practical auto mechanic tools for your next car repair or routine maintenance session! Have a look!

Floor Jack to the Rescue

If you’re someone who loves to fix their car on their own, then a floor jack may be the perfect investment for you.

A low-profile floor jack can slide underneath your car and lift it effortlessly. With a sturdy floor jack in place, car owners can go about performing their automotive repairs and maintenance checks without a worry!

Hook and Pick Set

Sure, needle nose pliers can help you grab onto those minute electrical connectors. However, these pliers are still too large for the plastic locking tabs in these connectors and can break them!

A hook and pick set allows you to disconnect these electrical connectors without actually damaging them!

Impact Wrench

If you hate the process of loosening machine-tightened nuts and bolts, then an impact wrench is just what you need!

Machine tightened nuts and bolts can take ages and a lot of arm grease to loosen up. However, an impact wrench can simplify the process for you.

Whether you want to tighten your tire’s lug nuts or do a little DIY garage shelf installation, an impact wrench can expedite the process for you.

Simplify Things with an Automotive Stethoscope

Tired of hearing the constant clicking or knocking sounds coming from under the hood?

If you don’t want to splurge on a mechanic and want to solve this mystery on your own, then an automotive stethoscope is just what you need!

mechanic fixing car with high-quality tools

This stethoscope comes with a metal probe and an amplifying attachment and lets you trace the source of the problem and tackle it like a pro!

Kiwi Pliers are your Best Friend

Using needle-nose pliers can be challenging. Your hand might obstruct your view and lead you to clamp on the wrong wire!

Kiwi pliers are the solution that you never knew you needed! These pliers help you grab onto out-of-sight clamps, retainers, and clips and still let you see what you’re working with. Another must-have product for a novice auto mechanic!

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