A Guide to Optimizing Your Garage Shelving Space

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Your garage is a convenient, cost-effective storage space for various items, from cars to lawn equipment. However, a cluttered garage isn’t the most attractive spot in your home. It’s important to find ways to maximize the storage space at your garage by cleaning and organizing it.

So, let’s finally take advantage of this underutilized space by optimizing your garage shelving.

Have Everything Organized

Now that you’re decluttering your garage, you’ll need to know where everything is; that means having everything organized in one place. To do this, go through all the tools and equipment you have and group them by type (so if there are four power tools, they all go together) and organize the size of each item, so you know where they are. If you have small items like screwdrivers or wrenches, stash them in a cabinet drawer. And label the drawers so you can tell what they are for.

Maximize Your Space

To clear up wall space, you can mount shelves on the wall. You can also choose to install some floor-to-ceiling cabinets with locks so that you can secure your tools and supplies. Another option is to use the walls of the garage for some extra storage by installing a pegboard or a hanging shelf that will free up extra floor space.

Label Everything!

If you have a lot of stuff in your garage, labeling everything will help you find what you’re looking for without having to search every single shelf time after time. Label your boxes, shelves, and bins. Use different colors for different types of tools and supplies. Use clear shelf markers so that you can see the labels from a distance, and you don’t have to pull things out to read them.

Installing Racks

When deciding what material to use for your racks, consider the durability, aesthetics, ease-of-maintenance, and cost factor.

Barn Wood Shelving

Barn wood is one of the most popular materials to build a shelve for your garage with. It can be found at construction sites and only requires the use of a hammer and paint before it’s installed in your garage.

Composition Metal Shelving

Composition metal shelving is another option for those who wish to conserve the resources of their home. It’s lightweight and can be used with many different finishes. This type of shelving is also resistant to heat and humidity, which is great for storing items not normally placed in these conditions. It can be stained or painted however you wish after installation.

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