Auto Repair Shop Storage Hacks to Keep Your Tools Safe and Secure

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More often than not, the garage becomes a dumping ground for clutter. Still, with a good old clear-out, a few clever storage solutions, and some smart auto shop organization ideas, it can easily become a practical and organized multi-use space. There is a lot of clutter around in the auto repair shop, and if you’re looking for clever and practical auto shop organization ideas and solutions for keeping your tools safe and secure, you’ve come to the right place.

From clever shelving to DIY hacks, you can look at the space and time-saving ideas that will transform your auto repair shop from a cluttered mess into an organized and orderly workplace.

1.    Add Wall Tracks

Wall track rails make handy storage options for larger items like step ladders and fold-up chairs. The metal versions can be adjustable and take all sorts of hook styles, or if you prefer something a little more stylish wooden peg rails add a practical, rustic touch.

2.    Upcycle an Old Filing Cabinet

Give unwanted furniture a new purpose as a thrifty and practical storage solution by upcycling an old filing cabinet. Turned on its side, the metal locker keeps long-handled items safely stored while a pegboard mounted to the sides is a genius way to store smaller tools.

3.    Use Chalkboard Paint for Shelving

As part of a major overhaul of her workshop and garage, you can use chalkboard paint for wooden shelving. You can use a no-primer needed spray paint directly onto the front supports, which can be divided up and labels using chalk. It makes identifying what’s in their storage boxes much easier, and it looks pretty stylish too.

4.    Make PVC Drill Holders

You can keep cordless drills safe and orderly with some under-shelf holders made from ordinary PVC pipes. You can cut the pipe to length by using a hand saw or a rotary tool. After this step, use a heat gun to gently soften the pipe, widening it out until it perfectly fits the body of the tool. Any rough edges can be sanded before drilling three holes in the top and using the guides to insert screws and washers, which can be attached directly to the shelf.

5.    Add Another Level

Dropdown shelving suspended from the garage ceiling is an ideal solution for items that are used infrequently. The overhead racks use the wasted space and keep everything safely off the ground, where flooding, spills, or damage is more likely to occur.

6.    Double Shelf Space

Make use of every square inch of shelving by screwing lids of plastic storage jars to the shelf planks’ underside. Smaller hardware like nails, nuts, and bolts, can be stored neatly together to keep any work surfaces clear and uncluttered.

7.    Choose Metal Open Shelving

Sturdy metal shelving will hold a lot of weight and withstand changeable garage temperatures. Storage bins and crates of varying sizes make great open storage partners, especially when they have lids and are stackable to keep possessions protected from the elements.

8.    Make a Pegboard

A pegboard is a massive asset to any garage wall, and you can use the hole-punched surface in any configuration that you need. Whether you buy a ready-made steel version with everything included or prefer to challenge yourself with a weekend project. You’ll find that it’s a versatile storage solution for hanging up almost anything.

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