Best Hammer for Job at Hand: A Hammer Buying Guide

Different kinds of hammers on a tool rack

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Among all the hand and power tools you need to start a DIY home project, one tool that’s a must-have in your toolbox is a hammer.

Home projects are easier when you’re using the right kind of tool for the right kind of job. The same goes for a hammer which comes in various shapes and sizes, designed for different types of jobs. We will enlighten you about different hammers and their uses on different kinds of materials, including drywall, hard floor, and others.

The Purpose of a Hammer

Hammers are significant in humanity’s history. A hammer is one of the oldest tools humans invented in the Stone Age. It can be said that hammers and other tools were responsible for shaping civilization as we know it today.

Home repairs and renovations require you to take things apart and fix them afterward. A hammer can help with both. One of the trusted forms of a hammer comes with an attached claw for multipurpose jobs. Others use different shapes and sizes of handles for decreased vibration, better grip, and plenty of other advantages.

We’ve listed some of the common types of hammers that you must have in your garage tool storage box at all times:

Types of Hammers & Uses

Claw Hammer

This is one of the most common types of hammers that you might readily find in every household. It has a bold face for pushing nails in and a double-faced claw for removing them. These hammers are commonly used for little repairs around the house.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to grip
  • Fiberglass, steel, or wooden handle

Ball-Peen Hammer

This kind of hammer is commonly used as a metalworking tool. The ball-shaped end forms and shapes metal items, while the flat face on the other end is used to drive nails.

  • Ideal for the metal industry
  • Bends, reshapes, and rivets metal
  • Different head sizes
  • Wood or graphite handle

Framing Hammer

This hammer is a more complex claw hammer consisting of a straighter and shorter claw. This claw can be used for pulling wood boards out.

  • Longer handle
  • Prevent slip while driving
  • Ideal for using force
  • Typically heavier in weight

Sledge Hammer

It is a heavy-duty hammer typically used for destruction purposes. The head is shaped like a mallet and typically has a long handle for force and safety.

  • Double grip long handle
  • Typically heavy for exerting force
  • Wood or fiberglass handle
  • Ideal for driving stakes

Roofing Hatchet

This tool is used for cutting and hammering nails into the roofing. One of the most significant advantages is that you can use it to lay, cut, or drive shingles.

  • Hatcher shaped end for cutting
  • Lightweight
  • Better grip on nails

Different forms of hammers placed on a table

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