Buying the Right Wrenches: “4” Tips to Consider

Wrench tools placed on a wooden surface

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A wrench is an essential hand tool for any technician or mechanic. Buying a good wrench is a serious investment and can quickly become overwhelming when you’re unsure what factors to consider.

Here’s a beginner’s guide to consider when buying a wrench!

Check the Quality

When buying a torque wrench, it’s necessary to check the quality. Torque wrenches repair and constructs machines, so using substandard wrenches will completely ruin your project. Low-quality torque and other wrenches also get damaged overtime easily, and will end up hurting your pockets more in the long run, as compared to investing in a good quality torque wrench.

Assess Accuracy

Your torque wrench needs to be highly accurate to get the job done properly. Since the tasks delegated to torque wrenches require high precision levels, you’ll require the proper wrench for the job. Wrenches have varying degrees of accuracy, but you should look for a torque wrench that features less than plus or minus 5% accuracy in their foot-pound setting. If a wrench is well-calibrated, it will have a precise visibility scale. Additionally, before purchasing the wrench, make sure to check the wrench calibration for date and accuracy as per the manufacturer’s settings.

Wrenches in a toolbox

Inspect Materials

Wrenches made of high-quality and durable materials will last much longer than those made of low-quality ones. Forego the plastic wrenches for metallic ones that are more resilient and long-lasting, helping you cut down on replacing costs in the long run. Low-quality materials also affect the calibration and are less stable, affecting the overall quality of your project.

Ratcheting and Grip

Wrenches that move in two directions are helpful when tightening left and right-hand threads. Check the wrench for this convenient feature before buying one since all wrenches don’t offer bi-directional ratcheting. Moreover, your wrench should have a good grip; it’s likely that your hands may be covered in grease and other fluids, so a good grip offers more stability. Having a wrench with a good grip can also help you avoid series injuries, and help you work more efficiently.

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