How to Declutter Your Auto Repair Shop: 4 Solutions to Help You Organize Better

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An auto repair shop is a fast-paced and often chaotic environment where projects vary widely in terms of scope and shape. You and your technicians are constantly on the move and need to quickly turn over quality repair work to keep the shop in business. If your auto repair shop needs a boost in productivity, you need to declutter it, and we’ve got just the solution for you to make everything easier and more efficient for you at the end of the day.

1.    Get Things Off the Floor

Floor space is absolutely vital in an auto repair shop. On the shop floor, you have large vehicles taking up space, technicians, and employees navigating around each other, and tools or equipment that use valuable square footage. The better you make use of your vertical space, the easier everything will start flowing.

Vertical storage items come in different forms, and cantilever storage racks attach to or near the wall and hold equipment above the floor, freeing up floor space. The Lockers keep your technicians and administrative employees’ personal belongings from cluttering up the work environment. You can also bolt tool boxes at comfortable heights along walls and even into columns for easier access.

2.    Get Some Mobility into Space

Bringing mobility into the picture is a great way to make use of the small spaces in an auto repair shop. You can easily find stuff to put on top of castor wheels to move around the shop freely and have cabinets and bench-mounted tools. You can find a variety of mobile workstations designed specifically for auto workshops.

These workstations are available in different sizes that work for different types of projects or jobs. You can easily mount parts, shelves, or bins on movable tables to place them where they’re needed at any given moment.

3.    Reduce the Number of Steps

Do you know how much time and energy your techs spend moving around to get parts, use and return tools, borrow equipment from other bays, or consult with service writers and customers? The fewer big trips they have to make, the faster and more efficiently they can begin to work. The technicians should have all their regularly accessed tools and equipment readily available without having to leave their bay.

One thing that can help with this is mobile workstations, along with scheduling jobs so that the same equipment isn’t needed in two different locations at the same time. Even using something simple like fitness trackers to assess how many steps the technicians walk each day or reorganizing preventive maintenance checklists will help you find ways to reduce wasted movement.

4.    Use Technology

Your business relies on modern technology to analyze vehicle data, find buried problems, and fix issues. But how well do you use technology to boost the productivity of your auto repair shop? Modern mechanics benefit from things like software for scheduling appointments and providing automated service updates, automated service orders using common codes, and parts inventory tracking systems. The more you can automate the fewer labor hours you are going to have to spend.

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