How to Upgrade Your Garage Storage Space?

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If your garage has only got room enough for your car, you don’t need to worry. Organizing a garage is a simple project that you can do in only one weekend. To help you out, we are going to share some garage storage ideas that you can try. Once you do try them, you will know exactly what you have and how much space there is in your garage. The first step towards that is:

Sorting and Cleaning

The first thing you need to do to organize your garage is to look through the space and determine what items can be stored together like:

  • Gardening supplies and tools
  • Sports and hobby gear
  • Seasonal items like holiday decorations
  • Household tools and hardware
  • Automotive tools and supplies
  • Paint and combustibles
  • Garbage and recycling

Once you’ve sorted your garage, you should clean it from top to bottom. It’s a great time to remove stains from the concrete floor and also an ideal time to paint the walls.

Create a Storage Plan

The next step involves drawing up a storage plan. You should use grid paper to note the measurements, windows, doors, and utilities, and use that to determine how much room you’re going to need for your car. You can go about it like this:

  • Mark zones for storing your things
  • Garden tools work best near the door
  • Recycling and trash works well within easy reach
  • You can store seasonal items out of the way

You should keep in mind that some zones may overlap with overhead shelving or storage.

Select Storage Options

Once you’ve got a decent idea of what you’re keeping and where everything is going to go, you should start thinking about the best way to keep everything organized. You should consider the different storage solutions that are available to you, which include:

You should remember that different types of items are going to need different types of storage. So make sure that you are up-to-date with the different ideas on how to organize and store different items.

Organize the Garage

Once you’ve created a plan and you’ve selected your storage options, it is time that you start getting your things back in order. Here are some ideas for that:

·        MonsterRax Storage Racks

You can keep lawn and garden tools off the floor with an adjustable storage rail system, like the one from MonsterRax. The best part about this is that the garage storage system easily mounts to your garage walls, and you can even add hooks to hang your shovels, rakes, and more. You can set up a rail storage at different levels, and the open space underneath is an ideal spot for a wheelbarrow or mower.

·        Sports Equipment Storage

You can use hanging rails for sports gear as well. Baskets are available for balls, and you can use hooks for bats. For storing your bicycles, there are hanging rail hooks and stand-alone hooks, racks, and hoists, like this one from SafeRacks Storage Racks.

·        Shelving and Overhead Storage

Other items that you use frequently can be easily stored on open wire shelves. You should ensure that the shelves are suitable for garage use, and keep items near eye level or lower for easier access. You should save the highest and lowest sections of your garage shelving for items that you don’t use that often. Overhead garage storage, like SafeRacks Overhead Storage, can be attached to the ceiling joists, and keep less frequently used items out of the way.

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