I just wanted to ask all of you if any of this is helpful? There are some good stories and it does make you laugh. I have been told pretty much my whole life that my silliness has no end. I will admit that I do have a good imagination. I have had a terrible turn of luck the last 2 years and can no longer work. I have been a shade tree mechanic for 45 years now. My buddies and I back in 1981-82 built 2 custom cars that won a couple of trophies. When I could no longer work I thought I would try to sell tools on the internet. I know quite a bit about them and thought to myself it would be easy and I wouldn’t need to be trained on something else. I started this up and found out how wrong I was. I am being told that unless I have 37 pages of 40,000 words each nobody will buy from me. Is this really true? This is what you wrench turners out there are looking for? I am going to be dead honest, I am having a hard time finding that many words to describe a hammer or a screwdriver. I grew up in the 60s and 70s back then I was told to mind my own business, do not lie and you can always tell when someone is trying to scam you. My dad was always saying that it takes very few words to tell the truth. What a long way from that we have come. If you would like to leave a comment below on how you want me to proceed. I will give a few more honest reviews on only the stuff I have actually used. Thanks for listening to me rant.

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