My Monster Work Bench.

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A few years back I built myself a very large work bench. I made it 8 feet long, 3 feet wide and 2 and a half feet high. I framed it out using 2x4s and put a MDF board on top. I like it so well that I added on a full size shelf to the bottom if it. I raised the shelf a foot off of the floor. I have created so much room on that thing it’s a handyman s dream! My bench is a never-ending work in progress. I have added electricity across both ends and even put power on the back of it. It has pegboard and a bunch of hooks for little knick-knacks on it. I put an upper shelf on it so I could mount lighting under the shelf shining on the work surface. I absolutely have no idea how much money I have in that thing. It is a lot. It suits my needs perfectly at the moment. It will get a few more add-ons I am sure of it. I am very happy the way it has turned out. I use it for just about everything. The best part is when the surface gets to messed up. I go down to the home improvement store and get another one. They are fairly cheap so you don’t have to “baby” them.

I just thought you would be interested in hearing about my monster work bench. All of you stay safe out there. The country is opening up in places. Let’s not go crazy. Thank you again.

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