Power Tools You Need in Your Garage

a drill driver and screws

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Do you often find yourself looking for the perfect tools to make the most of your DYI project? Investing in the right power tools is a great way to ensure you have all you need at your disposal! They’re quick, safe, and accurate once you learn how to work with them.

Here’s a list of some power tools that you must have in your garage.

Drill driver

Whether you’re drilling into concrete, steel, tile, or any other material, the drill driver is an essential tool to have in your arsenal. Its compact size makes it easy to navigate tight spaces, and the clutch settings are handy for making screws disappear into thin air. The drill driver can be used not only to drive screws into wood and metal but also to work as a hammer/punch and even as a saw blade.

Random Orbit Sander

A Random Orbit Sander, or ROS, is a hand-held power tool used in woodworking and related trades. This is a type of sander with a rotating action that uses its rollers to propel abrasive particles against the surface of the workpiece to be sanded. The ROS’s use for sanding wood is most common, where it can smoothen surfaces uniformly and fill any gaps between boards. It can also be used to produce a very smooth finish on non-wood surfaces, such as metal, plastic, and laminate flooring.

Random orbital sanders are also used in metalworking, where they are used to grind metal components to an extremely smooth finish. Random orbit sanders are very versatile power tools used in several different areas.

an orbit sander


The jigsaw is a two-piece design that’s commonly used in architecture and construction. The circular pieces fit together to create different shapes, sizes, or arrangements made of wood or metal.

The jigsaw solves the problem of using flat pieces of material with an uneven surface area for cutting materials like lumber. A jigsaw will only cut the surfaces where the blade integrally penetrates both pieces at 90 degrees.

Rotary tool

The rotary tool is an electric hand-held power tool used for cutting. You can use it to cut through materials like wood or metal. It has safeguards in place to ensure user’s safety. The bit spins on one end and is secured by a collet at the other end that holds on tightly without letting go, even if you push your rotary tool against something hard.

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