Step-by-Step Guide to Planning an Auto Repair Shop Organization Project

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An auto repair shop can be messy, especially if you haven’t got the entire place organized properly. You need to work around all the different pieces of equipment lying around and get in your way if you’re not properly organized. If your auto repair shop is a mess, and you’ve managed to fill it up with so much stuff that there isn’t room enough to move around, you’ve come to the right place.

We will be highlighting a step-by-step guide to planning an auto repair shop organization project so that you have enough space to maneuver around. You need to step up your organization game, but this isn’t just a matter of adding a couple of shelves here and there. You need powerful organization ideas if there is to be any hope of your auto repair shop stop being a mess.

You can go about organizing your auto repair shop in the following manner:

1.    Start by Building Higher

Industrial spaces tend to use pallet racks, and if you’ve got the room for them, that is great for you. They are generally easy to find, but you must make sure that you think about how you’re going to access the top levels of the racks. However, with a little ingenuity, you can adopt a storage solution that provides its own access, and that is where a garage shelving system comes into the picture.

2.    Go Deeper

Once you’ve got your racks covered from the floor to the ceiling, you’ve used up one dimension of your space, and you can move onto the bigger things. It is time that you thought about going deeper, and the whole secret to going deeper is whether you’re going to have enough access to things. If you end up putting shelves behind shelves, how are you going to access the back shelves? In this scenario, you must act smart and think about mounting your front shelves on floor tracks so they can slide to provide access to the back shelves.

3.    Put Drawers or Shelves Under Every Work Surface

Rolling tool cabinets can be a lifesaver for you here, and you can never have too many. They are instant drawers for storage, and they look perfect in any auto repair shop. The plus side is that you can also slap a work surface over the top of them. You should take two waist-high rolling cabinets and put a suitably sized work surface they are both fitting under. Then you can bolt the work surface to the cabinets to create a rolling cart, and the possibilities available to you are practically endless.

4.    Use Marginalized Spaces in Gaps and Ends

Eventually, you’re going to realize that there will be a lot of marginal space where you can’t fit a tool cabinet or a shelf into. This is especially true for garage storage and basements, but that space is still useful for you, and you shouldn’t let your rafters go to waste as well. All you need to do is ensure that you have used the marginal space in the auto repair shop so that there are no gaps and ends where your tools can get lost, or other stuff may come into the picture.

5.    Create Special Purpose Parts Cabinets

Small parts may seem like the bane of your existence, and there are so many of them that you need for different projects around the garage. You should design a special purpose parts cabinet that can be useful for storing tools that you don’t need to use around the auto repair shop most of the time. That will save you a lot of space and ensure that you’re not losing any tools in the auto repair shop.

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