The Different Uses of Pliers in the Garage

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There are several different uses of pliers, making them one of the most versatile tools to have in your garage. You can come up with various uses of pliers, and most people are genuinely confused about how best to use their pliers. That is why we have come up with the many different uses of pliers in the garage that show you how best to use them.


The main use of pliers is for gripping things lying around in your garage, but you can also use these tools for cutting and bending things. It is a multi-purpose tool, and you can use the handle to multiply your strength when working on different tools. Every toolbox contains a set of pliers in them as it is an important tool to have in your garage and can be used for various tasks.


When you’re working in the garage, you need to be efficient and learn how to best use your tool, which is why we will share the different uses of pliers in the garage. This guide will educate you on how best to use pliers and ensure that you are efficient at your job. Almost every professional mechanic has worked with a set of pliers in the garage, so let us cover its different applications here.


Gripping Purposes

The most obvious way to use pliers is for gripping different objects in the garage. These tools are incredibly adept at holding things, and you can use them to stabilize different objects, remove pins and nails, or loosen and tighten nuts and bolts.


The slip-joint pliers are the ones that are most commonly used in the garage, and you can use them for gripping nuts, bolting heads, and smaller objects. Many pliers also have an opening like a scissor, which can be useful for cutting wires. If you’re working with tongue-and-groove pliers, you can easily grip larger pipes and nuts as they come with adjustable jaws and longer handles.


Bending or Straightening

You may have often witnessed that pliers were being used to straighten the chains of a bicycle in the garage, and the tool holds great promise in this regard. Professional mechanics tend to rely on pliers for straightening different parts when they’re working on a job. The pliers also have a metallic holding part, which is very powerful and does the job of twisting and bending things like metal, wires, and nails easily.


You should select the right size of pliers for use in your garage since all of them can be used for bending different tools and parts. You can also bend cables and wires with these pliers, and if you are looking to grip smaller items, you can use long-nosed pliers or needle-nose pliers for that job.

Cutting Purposes

Not many people know this, but pliers are great at cutting things up, and you may think, “why not scissors for that job?” There is a simple answer: pliers are agile, more powerful, and adept at cutting nails and wires, making them great for cutting purposes. You can also use side-cutting and diagonal-cutting pliers for that job as they work wonders to ensure you don’t need to use scissors for cutting different things around the garage.


We have highlighted all the different uses of pliers in the garage so that you can now make an informed decision when the time comes to buy them. If you are looking for the best garage organization and storage solutions, you can check them all out right here.



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