The Ideal Toolkit: A Guide for All the DIY Experts

A collection of tools on the garage shelving

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There are a few fixes around the house that you should be able to handle without calling in an expert. When your favorite chair breaks in the middle of the day or the photo frame in your living room needs to be hung up, you’re going to need your garage tool storage box with essential DIY tools.

The Need for DIY Tools for Households

Every homeowner must invest in a few handy tools to keep in the house. A hammer, pliers, a screwdriver, and a measuring are necessary for regular home activities and maintenance.

If you’re taking on a more advanced task like working on your vehicle, the garden, or building a treehouse in the backyard, you’re going to need some specialist equipment to get the job done.

It’s also important to have your complete set of tools ready for use because you don’t want your momentum to break while working on a home project to go out and get the tools you need. We’ve listed down some important DIY high quality hand tools you must have always have in your storage:

Must-Have Tools in DIY Kit

A Tool Bag

Garage tool cabinets are crucial for storage, but you also need to have something portable that you can use to carry the tools around. Toolboxes are helpful, but they aren’t as convenient as a tool bag.

The bag’s fabric makes it lighter to carry, and the bag straps make it convenient to hold. Modern tool bags have a lot of pockets for different kinds of smaller tools. It makes it easier to grab one for use whenever you need it.

Measuring Tape

One of the best tips that an expert DIY worker would give you is to get your measurements right. Whether your task is related to carpentry or metalwork, you need to measure everything to perfection.

Make sure you keep a measuring tape inside your tool kit before getting on with your home projects. Modern tapes can be extended vertically in the air without falling. A measuring tape of about 25 feet would be the ideal choice to make.

A Screwdriver

Get a kit of screwdrivers that contains one of each screw head. The standard kit includes six drivers—three each for flathead and Phillips screw heads. More modern tools have a magnetic tip that attaches to the screw and doesn’t require you to adjust the tip in the head.

A wrench

While choosing a wrench, select an adjustable wrench instead of buying various sizes. This wrench allows you to adjust the jaws according to your required width and offers enough torque for home projects.


Pliers are essential for all DIY projects. Get a good set of different pliers for cutting, bending, or holding pipes and wires. Long-nose and slip-joint pliers can be used for several purposes.

Important DIY tools hanging on the wall

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